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Have you seen Dolemite on Netflix yet?

You gotta watch it! Rudy Rae Moore is a King of The Side Hustle and Eddie Murphy was smooth and funny in this Dolemite Netflix Original.

Rudy Rucker Moore, born in 1907 in California, is the author of several books, including “Mockingbird”, “Good Night, and Good Luck”, “The Flight of the Monarch”, “Swimming at Tomorrow’s Light”Bird Man.” All of these books are distinguished by their ambition and the poetic quality of their writing. His writing style varies from humorous to serious and one cannot always choose what he will write about as it is done with a quickness and verve that make these novels highly appealing and interesting reads.


Rudy Rucker Moore, or “Rucker” as he is fondly called, is known to all of us, since we all feel somewhat like birds, in our own little place on the edge of the world. We are always looking around, for a sign of what will come. Where will we fly next?

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One night in his late twenties, Rudy is having dinner with his friend Frank who is also his neighbor, and they discuss the possibility of starting a book publishing company. Rudy would produce a collection of short stories on the personal subjects of Frank. The latter reads and enjoys the writing in a very different way to Rudy. This gives him the opportunity to show Rudy how you can create stories out of ideas, as long as you know how to extract and refine them and turn them into an art.

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Rudy is a bit wary about this idea. He does not like the idea of publishing short stories. When he meets his publisher, Dr. Theophilus Cleveland, he quickly comes to understand that Rudy has been spoiled by the wealth of power and access in Hollywood. He has also been conditioned to be suspicious of anyone who seems to want to compete with his business.

But when Phil Gerry comes to see Rudy’s friend, Mike Baldwin, he too feels this way. Phil is fascinated by the idea of an authors’ club.

The evening is a disaster. When the characters of Rudy and Phil meet Dr. Cleveland, Phil becomes convinced that this is all about money. Dr. Cleveland advises Phil that writing is a craft and not about money.

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Rudy, who is still trying to find his way to an agreement with his old Hollywood friend, sees that the agreement is ready for signing and intends to close the deal immediately. However, the very same day, Rudy receives a call from an agent who is going to represent him. The agent is very interested in a new science fiction writer called Dolemite who has recently published his first short story, “Last Stand.”

Dr. Cleveland encourages Rudy to write a short story about Dolemite’s story. Rudy agrees and begins to write the story.

Suddenly, Rudy learns that Dolemite is a shell-shocked star. Rudy now realizes that it is the writer’s community that is making Dolemite rich. Rudy has met Dolemite and has also become aware of the moral issues involved.

A recurring theme in Rudy’s writing is the adoration and appreciation of art. Many of his short stories are poetry and there is something about poetry that reminds him of the poem that he used to read as a child. His love of writing also springs from the fact that he once did the same thing as Rudy when he was a teenager. His grandfather, his father, his grandmother all wrote poetry.

Even after many years of reading, Rudy is still looking for the beauty that poetry has to offer. He seeks to capture the beauty that resides in words. His book, “Dolemite”, is his attempt to capture the beauty and feelings of poetry. As the title implies, it is about poetry.

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