This site was created to provide the world a reference to the best side hustle period.

Schellenberg found the most incredible side hustle and opportunity for anyone that is ready to go a new path to freedom and as you can imagine he wants to share it with every man or woman over eighteen.

It took many years for Schellenberg to put all the pieces together but he realized a traditional job is steady but it is not going to make you rich or even happy. Although he never liked the idea of being rich he did NOT like the idea of giving up his time to go to a place of work everyday for a paycheck for hours worked. His time, wealth and potential were all limited and he knew he had to get out of that rat race. He thought of himself as a Lion and was never one to follow the pack of sheep unless of course he was hungry. He questioned why he and other people kept going to their jobs everyday when more than a few workers hated the job and income potential was limited.

It’s not like people enjoy being micro managed and no flexibility of schedule that made you work weekends or every other weekend or even on holidays. He knew there had to be a better way but what was it?

Schellenberg looks at sheep in the pasture just before sunset on the farm.

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