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Hi, I’m Schellenberg, the creator behind https://imschellenberg.com

It took many years for me to put all the pieces together. It’s always been difficult for me to stick to one task long-term. I have always had shiny object syndrome and it has held me back from greatness more times than I would like to count but that’s all going to change.

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After building an SEO business and learning all about ranking web pages in the internet search engines for the past eight years, I will now push focus on this blog full-time starting on October 15, 2020. I will be focused on, video production, finances, marketing, and content creation as well as building one other website called Great Herbal Products that markets a multi-level marketing business and provides incredible products that can help people achieve their best results in life no matter what they may be dealing with or going through.

There are many big events in the past several years that have brought me to this point but I’ll go over three of the main ones.

The first was a divorce and at the same time, I quit my full-time bank job. Going through this hard time was a blessing in disguise as I understand now it was most likely the best thing for my family now that I have lived away but close the last eight years and I was positive about leaving my full-time job. People come in go in our lives and it is simply a natural progression of life and during my studies about divorce, I learned 65% of people get divorced anyway. Being over half, I thought at least I’m normal. Anyway, I learned so much from being married and going through a divorce. I know that I have another path to take and I will be sharing it with you through this blog.

The second came when I least expected it. Have you ever been hit so hard in the stomach that you lost your breath? Well, that’s what it felt like and I will not forget the feeling for a while although the human brain is built to forget pain with time. It was a real pain, but it was a mental and emotional pain, it was the pain of losing time and it seems to be passing by much quicker today than I ever remember. I am going to work my butt off to make this a success, come watch me do it.

Now the Important Stuff

I need you! I need you to be involved, comment, share, and join me if you feel that there is a match. I want to be your entertainment, your go-to, your friend. Stop by and say Hi or leave your comments.

Right now I’m living in St Petersburg, FL but grew up in WVA. I am doing my best to stay close to my two wonderful children until they are old enough to be on their own or go off to college. Then I could be anywhere….

Come back often and watch as I grow. I look forward to providing you some laughs, cries, and will part with some knowledge that is sure to make you think about your current situation or life in general.


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